Installing Shared Substance

We have successfully installed Shared Substance on both Windows, Mac OS and Linux. To install Shared Substance first check-out the code from svn:

svn co substance-env

Now it is recommendable to add the substance library's path to you Python path, e.g. in .bash_profile by adding the following lines

PYTHONPATH="<path to substance-env>/src:$PYTHONPATH"

Now install pybonjour which is used for network discovery

cd <path to substance-env>/resources/pybonjour/
python build
sudo python install

That should be all, and you should now be able to start one of the examples:

cd <path to substance-env>/examples/basic-sharing/

Building the Cocoa integration

The Shared Substance standard library includes an integration with Apple's Cocoa for rendering simple graphics, displaying images and playback of video. This integration is based on PyObj, and requires, first of all Mac OS X and that Apple's Developer Tools are installed on your mac.

This will create a Mac binary that can be used to run Cocoa based Shared Substance environments

See e.g. Basic rendering example for an example of using the Cocoa integration